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Lumina Chapter 4 (1/1) :iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 1 0
Lumina Chapter 3 (2/2)
Marco, who wasn’t participating in the conversation, was the first to notice Maizie as his eyes went wide and he almost dropped his last piece of chocolate. He stepped forward shyly and presented to her a blooming pink rose. Speaking up for him Chas explained, “While we were doing, erm, work in the garden today-” the code-word for training Chas often used, “-we came across this rose. He got it prepared and even put some perfume in the rose to make its scent stronger,” Chas said proudly. Maizie wished that Chas would practice fighting with her like he did Marco. She had learned some fencing from him but he never taught her hand-to-hand combat. Then again, fencing never did leave bruises and cuts all over like fighting did with Marco.
Maizie placed the rose over her ear through her hair so that it would stay in place. Chas was right, Maizie could smell the rose’s light scent even without putting her nose up to it. She thanked Marco who nodded back in r
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 2 0
Lumina Chapter 3 (1/2)
Maizie could barely keep her hands to her sides as she and Vita approached the double doors that would lead them to the balcony overlooking the ballroom with grand marble stairs leading down on either side. And from there would be hundreds of people to talk and dance with. Maizie bit at her lower lip to keep herself from squealing with delight, excitement bubbling in her throat. Noticing this, Vita glanced sideways to her and said, “Do not do that, you will ruin your make-up.” Maizie immediately stopped and quietly apologized, taking a breath to calm herself. It was a moment before Vita spoke up once again, “Remain waiting quietly while I make proper introductions and speak of recent safety laws. The citizens have been waiting to know what they are and will be delighted to be the first to hear of
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 1 0
Lumina Chapter 2 (2/2)
Alexis rode his chestnut Arabian hard but felt no remorse in it knowing Maddock was both up to the challenge and welcomed it. He was a strong horse and always loved a long sprint. Elizabeth’s horse, however, was not so fond of long runs. Eventually, to his dismay, Alexis had to slow down and wait for the two to catch up. Once Arabella was beside Maddock, the stallion huffed and jerked his head. Alexis looked to Elizabeth and raised his eyebrows, a grin on his face. With a glower Elizabeth countered, “Unlike you, I don’t want to run my horse into the ground.”
“Maddock’s up for the exercise aren’t you, buddy?” he said patting the horse’s neck who whinnied and stomped in respon
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 1 0
Lumina Chapter 2 (1/2)
Two weeks ago.
The sheet over his body slid off him and fell in ruffles on the ground. The air that hit him was still brisk and he turned over in his bed with a groan. He had heard movement earlier in the morning but didn’t have the energy to get up and send her off. He was too tired from being up so late the night before. With a yawn he dragged himself out of bed. He cleared his throat and picked up an outfit from the ground, sniffing it to make sure it was alright. Glancing out his window to see the cleaned clothes hanging soaked he muttered, “Damned rain,” and tucked the maroon shirt into his brown trousers, pulling on his leather boots last.
With another yawn he picked up a brush and smoothed his brown hair down. Feeling how t
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 1 0
My Sun
You were my sun.
I danced in your warmth,
our laughter echoing through the wind.
I wept through the overcast,
embracing your tears that fell from the sky.
I held tight to your rays,
they shone through even the thickest clouds.
I raged at your heat,
nothing could quell the Phoenix's anger.
I shivered at your absence,
if only I knew how to let go of my pride.
You were my sun,
and now I am left in darkness.
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 5 4
Lumina Chapter 1 (2/2)
Chas put his hands in his apron pockets and responded tight lipped, “I’m not worried ‘bout the Queen. She’s a guest over anyway and Mrs. Libbey’s in control of th’kitchen.” He pointed to a crumb on Maizie’s cheek, “There’ll be much more o’that tonight.”
She smiled at that knowledge but her attention was now caught. This guest was news to Maizie. She was curious and wanted to ask but Hildie and Chas took her by each arm and led her to her spot at the window where her soft floral pillows rested on each end of her window seat. Gently they added pressure until she sat down, confused. Hildie was the first to speak, “We know your birthdays have never been special days to you but they’re special to us. It’s the day that you came into this world and brought so much light and happiness to us. Even against the Queen’s rules, whenever I was hurt, you’d always use your abilities to heal me. You tr
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 2 0
Lumina Chapter 1 (1/2)
Rain always had a bittersweet feel to it. It cooled the earth, washing away muck and dirt that settled over the land, hydrating and bringing it back to life. Yet it was dark, cold, and reminded Maizie of what she could never have, of what she always longed for. Travel. For eighteen years Maizie had been raised in a beautiful castle overlooking a gorgeous seaside with explosive sunsets all year round. It was stifling. The only release she felt was perched at her window looking out to the ocean, its current pulling her in and away. To where, she didn’t know -- it didn’t matter. Maybe the triangle of islands barely visible along the skyline, black silhouettes of who knows what encasing them. Or maybe of something else, something further from here, another land; unheard of and beautiful, far away
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 2 0
Female Uniform Com by kagomegirl96 Female Uniform Com :iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 2 0
I lie awake at night
As you grip my throat tight.
You hit my stomach
And I need to puke.
You're gone now,
Will you be back?
I lie awake at night.
I don't want to sleep.
For when I awake
I'll have to face the answer.
You aren't coming back.
You never will.
You were murdered while I slept.
So now I lie awake at night.
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 0 0
His eyes
were the green of the grass in the summer,
sweet and full,
and sharp
like the leaves of a holly bush
that could cut through you
in an instant,
see you for everything you are.
For everything you could be.
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 0 0
That Night
You hear preaching to "love thy neighbour"
but those words are drowned out
by the thunder of gunshots
that make your neighbor's home empty
when it was once filled with love
by two people who cared more
about each other's hearts than their sex
but now their blood runs down their bodies
rather than inside them
and their hearts that were once filled
with warmth of happiness and love
falls cold and flat from the bullets
and hatred that were so fast to penetrate
without a moment's warning
and now they will never again
be able to spread their love
to each other and the world
because even though we are taught
to love thy neighbour,
that love was drowned out
by the rage of bullets
as the trigger tainted with hate
was pulled that night.
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 1 0
These tears
Are tainted
With the
Memories that
Will never
Leave me.
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 1 1
The world
Is an ugly place.
I'm sorry
I couldn't show you
It's grace
That's hidden within
In time.
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 2 1
What We Could Have Been
I saw someone today,
that looked just like you.
With a beautiful smile like yours,
holding hands with another.
They were happy, laughing,
Holding up nick-nacks in the store,
and putting them back down,
Settling on matching bracelets.
She wore a short sleeved shirt,
Not a scar on her,
Her friend proudly wearing a dress,
Not ashamed of how she looked.
It made me wonder,
If we had come from different pasts,
With better families,
Could we have been like that, too?
:iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 4 7
Supper Time by kagomegirl96 Supper Time :iconkagomegirl96:kagomegirl96 7 7

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The Eternal Secret-Chapter 3: Our Destinies Tied
Run while you can! A woman screamed, he turned to her, his vision a blur.
Please! Save yourself! She screamed again. He found a lump in his throat, he couldn't seem to speak.
At least let my death have some cause! Ryan! Save yourself!! He flinched at the sound of his name.
RYAN!! He gripped his sword.
Wait, sword?
He looked at his hands, and saw that he held a handle with a steel blade. The fire was engulfing everything, and soon, them. He felt a piercing pain in his shoulder, he held it and winced. When he looked at his hand again, it was stained with the crimson red of his blood.
Where am I?
Ryan looked around, everything burning away. What was this?
He looked at the woman in front of him, she looked so familiar.
Yet so distant.
Ryan! Please! Don't mind me! Run! She screamed again, her eyes locked in his.
"Cassiel." He finally spoke, his voice hoarse and dry.
Cassiel? What's happening?
He seemed to have to control of his
:iconshylilme-0013:shylilme-0013 1 9
The Eternal Secret
    I sat down, staring at her as she sip her coffee with precaution. It was raining awfully, and everything seemed so dark, as if every single thing had a dark secret hidden within.
Then again, that is true.
I looked out, the wind was also gaining, blowing people's umbrellas to an extent wherein they'd break. I was still trying to make out the sign outside when she spoke,
    "I'm sorry to have dragged you out here without notice." She placed her cup down as she said so.
I was startled that she suddenly broke the silence, so it took a while for me to reply.
    "It's alright, given the circumstances... I believe it wouldn't be rational to make an appointment, people these days tend to poke their nose into every little thing." I slowly smiled.
    She smiled back, but only for a moment, "You know, you don't seem to be growing any older, I've got wrinkles that I cover with heaps of make-up, but you have such clean features it's hard
:iconshylilme-0013:shylilme-0013 2 3
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Yeah, I know, it's been a while again. I'll just go ahead and keep this short! 

I'm super excited to share my writing with you guys, especially Lumina. This is a story I've been building upon for a couple of years and I'm stoked to be sharing it with all of you! I won't be posting drawings as much but I am still practicing my art which is frusterating because I know I'm not that good but I still love it. I've also started learning piano which is so fun to do, music is beautiful!

I have my own apartment now and while Chikfila still sucks balls, I've been able to meet a couple of very important people in my life because of it, so, I guess. 

Thank you so much for visiting and I'll be sure to keep up on here as well as be posting my writing and my sewing as much as I can! 

Have a fantabulous week! :iconvalentineplz:
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I've been absent but now I'm back! I move tomorrow so I've been packing!!! Can't wait to get Lumina going again!


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(It's a picture of me on the Great Wall of China!!!) :thumb154999813:
I can't often post my drawings, but when I do I love when people critique it even if it's bad because it just shows what I need to improve on. I love doing commissions as well and usually do them fairly quickly but am very sorry if I take a long time doing them. I'm not that good, but I love singing and am in choir. I'm also in theatre and basketball as well as other more-academic classes. English is my first language but I also know Chinese and Japanese as well as a little bit of French and Spanish.

Okay so first of all...
Commissions Open by Almairis
Prices do vary depending on what it is you would like me to do. So yeah, I'm totally open to doing anything. I'm very flexible and don't ask for much at all. ^^ I do both drawings and literature!

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Of course, I also love to draw and write though I'm still lacking in great skill but someday hope to be amazing at both. ^^ I'll also participate in challenges because they're always fun. I hope that you can tell me a little about yourself (or plural) as well as ask me any questions you may have and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability!

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